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Hilton Head Community Events

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Eat For Good Health In 2015. Happy New Year!

 The Trend Is Better Health Through Diet

In 2015, Hilton Head Islanders and Blufftonians are part of a major shift in Hilton Head lifestyle, to eat better for good health.  Will you be part of it?  Of course, many of us will not change even as our diet does not support good health and our meat-based diets are not sustainable by our ecosystem.  To be part of the trend to eat smart for better health, you must be open to change.  If you are, congratulations!  Your psychology just opened the door to a healthier lifestyle for you and possibly by your influence, the ones that you love.

Join Your Neighbors For The Rewards

When you decide to seek better health through nutrition, you will join an increasing number of Head Islanders and Blufftonians who take their diets more seriously than ever before, and with good rewards.  Good relationships are an important key to good health and your social universe will expand to include people who are like-minded in diet and ready to share their friendship and knowledge with you.  You will start reading the labels on your food and caring about what they say.  You might be surprised to find how much high fructose corn syrup, salt and fat is in your everyday diet.  The unfortunate truth is that the traditional American diet is bad for us.  More Hilton Head Islanders are finding this out and are taking action by eating better.  You will learn that the key to a good lifestyle is to abandon the traditional American diet and instead, eat fruits and vegetables, non-processed food and organic food all of which prevents and even reverses some disease, and possibly most easily, allows us to lose weight. Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas from Go Gated Realty

Please enjoy viewing some ornaments on our Christmas tree at home in Bluffton, South Carolina.  Merry Christmas, everyone!  Happy Holiday!

The Eat Smart Live Longer Club at Sun City Hilton Head

Among the newest and largest of almost 100 clubs at the seniors-only Sun City Hilton Head community in Bluffton, SC is the Eat Smart Live Longer Club that has grown to over 500 members in just a year and a half!  The Club's message is received with increasing enthusiasm by Sun City residents: a diet of fruits and vegetables is good for you, meat and many other animal and processed foods can be bad for you, we need to read and understand the labels on our food and what we eat affects our health.

We should all be so fortunate as to have an Eat Smart Live Longer Club in our community.  Sisters Leslie Hass - also a Food for Life Chef - Karen Heitman and Mary Lou Beavers are changing Sun City one meal at a time.  They founded the Eat Smart Club in Sun City with monthly meetings at Pinckney Hall to watch videos, hear testimonials, enjoy the lending library of books, DVDs and more.  The cost to join is affordable to everyone, just $10/year.  You must be a Sun City Resident to join.   Many thanks to Leslie Haas for the invitation to attend the December meeting of the Eat Smart Live Longer Club, a powerful and enjoyable program that makes eating healthy comprehensible, desirable and sociable.

If you don't live in Sun City, don't worry, be happy!  Eating healthy food is an increasing part of the Hilton Head lifestyle.  For information about homes where you can thrive in Sun City Hilton Head, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, please call me, Buyer's Real Estate Agent Richard Kadesch, the Gated Community Specialist®, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Go Gated Realty®.  I have 39 years of Hilton Head real estate experience to help and simplify your search.

It costs nothing more to have a Buyer's Agent on your side.  My fee is already in the price of every listed property, paid only at closing if you buy.  Allow me to send a complimentary list of homes that can meet your needs in a format that will update automatically.  This is the best way to monitor your personal real estate market.  Your quality of life is important to me, so please call or email about your real estate needs today.  My cell number is 843-684-2933, email

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The Bluffton Expedition, The Burning of Bluffton, South Carolina During The Civil War

A Book Review

The Bluffton Expedition

Looking for a Christmas stocking stuffer?  History buffs and lowcountry visitors will enjoy The Bluffton Expedition, the Burning of Bluffton, South Carolina, an impressive work of research that keeps the reader engaged from the early days of the South’s disharmony about tariffs to the Appomattox Court House in 1865. The embers of burned Bluffton are still hot in The Bluffton Expedition as the people and places of historic Bluffton and Hilton Head Island are explained by local Author-Soldier Jeff Fulgham with clarity, details and enthusiasm. We learn that the fuse to war was lit by the Federal Tariff of 1828 “The Tariff of Abominations” and the Tariff of 1842 each “imposed a tax on imports, which proved costly to Southern planters who lacked the manufacturing capabilities of the North, often able to purchase goods from Europe cheaper than those from the Northern factories”. The tariffs would spawn the antebellum Bluffton Movement led by the impassioned speeches of Beaufort native Robert Barnwell Rhett, the most famous being in 1844 under an oak tree in Bluffton that still stands today, called the Secession Oak. Rhett inspired the broader and less restrained “Bluffton Boys” movement that ultimately led to the attack on Ft. Sumter in 1861. Continue reading
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