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Find and Track Hilton Head Foreclosures Like a Pro

Buyer’s Advantage™  Keeps You Informed

Everyone knows that real estate on Hilton Head Island is a bargain hunter’s paradise these days but still, you have to be ready for opportunity because others are on the hunt for bargains too!  To know about great new listings or large price reductions immediately, you need the Buyer’s Advantage™.  The system costs nothing but it can deliver valuable information to you fast.  I recommend Buyer’s Advantage™ to all of my clients and many use it to monitor their real estate watch lists like a pro! 

How Buyer’s Advantage™ Works 

  1. You describe the kind of property you want and based on your preferences, you receive a list of all of the properties for sale on Hilton Head with all MLS companies that match.  Your inventory will be what you want it to be and it will be held in a private web site dedicated to your search. 
  2. At your personal site, you can determine your favorite properties and discard the others.  You can sort the listings by price or newest listings.  You can make notes about the properties and I can read them and comment as well as make my own recommendations for you to consider and tell you why one property may be better than another for you.
  3. Then, your personal inventory is updated with new listings automatically or when there are price or status changes.  New and changed listings will always come to the top of your list so you can’t miss them.
  4. You will have all of the information you need to make an offer on the property of your choice when you are ready. 

Buyer’s Advantage™ Works Well for All Properties

• Hilton Head foreclosures
• Hilton Head luxury homes and villas.
• Economical homes for sale on Hilton Head Island, in Bluffton, Hardeeville and Ridgeland.
• Hilton Head retirement properties.
• Hilton Head investment properties.

There’s No Cost or Obligation

There is no cost or obligation for this service.  All that you need to do is to let me know what kind of property you want and the Buyer’s Advantage™ will deliver it to you.  The description of the property you want should include details about:  

A.   Home or villa
B.   Primary home or vacation home
C.  Personal use only, vacation rental or long-term rental
D.  Price range
E.   Number of bedrooms
F.   Location
G.  What you will do with the property i.e. rent to vacationers, live in it, etc. 

Buyer’s Advantage™ works well and it is easy to use.  On many occasions my clients who use Buyer’s Advantage™ come to Hilton Head Island with their first, second and third choice properties already picked out!   Our work is done on the Internet before they visit and that means that they will spend less time shopping for the property that they have always wanted and more time with their family on the beach, playing golf and other kinds of shopping when they are here!

Some clients use Buyer’s Advantage™ to make offers over the phone for properties that they know well; sometimes they know about a new listing before I do and that’s perfectly okay because when my clients use this technology, we both win.   No agent can monitor every client’s wish list as well as an automated system and the Buyer’s Advantage ™ is as good as it gets.  Knowledge is power and foreknowledge is even more powerful!  

 Of course, you are welcome to search all Hilton Head MLS listings at any time on your own at but to get the information that you need with automatic updates please tell me about the bargain that you have always wanted and we’ll get started.   The Buyer’s Advantage™ gives you a personal inventory with important and valuable updates to help you find and track Hilton Head foreclosures and other properties like a pro!

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