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Peter Max Visits Hilton Head Island

His Paintings and Our Dreams

Peter Max dreamed and painted images like this one from his Face Book page.

  Cosmic Runners, Flower Ladies, Another World

Many years ago, my generation dreamed about Cosmic Runners, Flower Maidens, Friends, Hearts and Sailboats to a Better World.  Where are those dreams today? This past weekend, Hilton Head Islanders were invited to enter Peter Max's world and have their dreams energized at the Karis Gallery in the  Village of Wexford on Hilton Head Island.   Peter Max was there with his paintings and our eyes were filled with color as we were seduced with timeless images of his world and ours.

From copyright Peter Max

There may be nothing like seeing the Flag of Utopia to bring back the feeling of what can possibly be, a world of unlimited potential, the way we felt when we were in college.  I was there, many years ago at the Times Square Cinema when the movie Yellow Submarine came out.  I knew women with flowers in their hair and cosmic runners connected to everything by a rainbow that arched overhead with peace, love and understanding.  I still sail to a better world in my own way and still know many Cosmic Runners and flowered women.

Multimedia Unique of Taylor Swift by Peter Max from, copyright Peter Max

I asked Peter Max, "Was there one woman who inspired the woman with the flowered skirt?" "No, I just made that up" he said. These times seem so different from the 60s.  I asked him, "Do you think that a  young Peter Max coming up today would paint like you do?" "You never know" Max answered. I asked him, "Have you been to Hilton Head Island before?"  "Probably", he answered.  I read that he has a very busy travel schedule and he does not remember all the places where he has been.   Was there a deeper meaning for me to ponder?   Do any of us really know everywhere we have been?  No - too complicated, not like the simple, straightforwardness that Peter Max gives to his art, that life can be beautiful.   We should live our lives with love and make a better world. Ms. Liberty may brood because she may think that we are not fulfilling the promise of our dreams, what she wants for us in the United States of Utopia. What does Umbrella Man think and why does he have an umbrella? "That's Pablo Picasso. the Cellest", said Peter Max.  "I saw a picture of him with his umbrella and bowler and I liked it". I did not ask why Umbrella Man does not have a head but my head was fed and the dream resonated.  Life can be simple.  Life can be love that never ends when you follow your dreams. It was great to meet Peter Max and enjoy the bright colors of his original paintings and be reminded that our lives can and should be filled with love. Art and real estate?    Where else are you going to hang your Peter Max paintings?  To find a special home for your art on Hilton Head Island, please call me, Richard Kadesch, the Gated Communities Specialist®.   Richard Kadesch, Owner, Broker-in Charge, Go Gated Realty®  The Gated Communities Specialist ®  Foreclosures, Second Homes, Income Properties, Luxury Homes Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina Cell 843-684-2933, Email  

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