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Hilton Head Island Woodlake Villas

Woodlake Villas on Hilton Head Island Adds Security Gates

The Town of Hilton Head Island has Renovated Mathews Drive and Built a new Traffic Circle at the Entrance to Woodlake Villas

The new security gates at Woodlake Villas on Hilton Head Island may increase property values and attract more owner-occupants who want to live or own in a gated community.
The new security gates at Woodlake Villas on Hilton Head Island will close every evening and on weekends.

Woodlake is among the Island’s most popular economical residential communities with flats and townhouses priced from about $79,000, located mid-Island on Hilton Head Island on newly renovated Mathews Drive, across from Port Royal Plaza.  Woodlake Villas are each about 1,000 square feet with all ground level entrances.  Community features include:

  • fitness center
  • swimming pool
  • playground
  • tennis courts
  • pets are allowed
  • a short drive to the beach at Folly Field

At the same time that Woodlake owners were planning to install security gates to their community, the Town of Hilton Head Island was planning to renovate Mathews Drive.  When the Town purchased the land at the entrance to Woodlake to renovate, widen and beautify Mathews Drive, Woodlake owners were given the money to make their security gates a reality and it became clear that they should coordinate the new gates and the renovation of the entrance to Woodlake with the Town’s Mathews Drive project. 

The reconfigured exit to Woodlake Villas on Hilton Head Island
The new Woodlake exit.  Cars leaving travel slowly and safely.

Now the Town’s Mathews Drive project is finished where Woodlake is located and Mathews Drive has two lanes divided by turning lanes and planted central islands, a traffic circle between the entrances to Woodlake Villas and Port Royal Plaza, raised walkways from Woodlake to Port Royal Plaza intended to slow traffic in the residential area and new walking paths along both sides of Mathews Drive.  These improvements to Mathews Drive at Woodlake give the road far more beauty than before the project and much safer for both drivers and pedestrians.  The improvements enhance the value of Woodlake Villas and vehicles enter and exit Woodlake much easier and safer than before. 

‘In House’ Installation Saved Money

Simultaneous to the Town’s Mathews Drive project,  the Woodlake Board renovated their entrance and

The pedestrian gate at Woodlake

The pedestrian gate at Woodlake

installed their security gates.  In addition to the money the Town of Hilton Head Island paid to Woodlake owners for land at the entrance to Woodlake, the Board of Directors of Woodlake saved homeowners about $40,000 by installing the gates ‘in house’, including installing the phone and key system and not hiring outside contractors to do the gate installation.   

The Woodlake Security Gates Open Three Ways

The new Woodlake security gates will be open during week days but closed at nights and on weekends.  There are three ways to enter the gates at Woodlake when they are closed:  

  1. A visitor can call a residence from a phone at the gate to open the gate. 
  2. A card can be scanned.
  3. A clicker can be used.
A new crosswalk on Mathews Drive.  In the background a car rounds the traffic circle at the new entrance to Woodlake.

A new crosswalk on Mathews Drive. In the background a car rounds the traffic circle at the new entrance to Woodlake.

Cards are free.  Clickers cost about $40 each.  Cards can be activated and deactivated based on occupancy.  There are two cards per villa and $10 per additional card.   There is also a walkway along the entrance to the Woodlake to a pedestrian security gate that requires a card to enter. 

Woodlake May Attract More Owner-Occupants

Charlie Wetmore, President of Woodlake Board of Directors says that 22% of Woodlake Villas are owner-occupied and the others are rented by tenants.  Investors have purchased Woodlake villas over the years because they have traditionally rented well.  Wetmore hopes that the new security gates and other improvements will influence more people to purchase Woodlake Villas as their primary or second homes and not just as investment properties.  “That will effect values more than anything”, he said.  “We believe that the new security gates and improvements to the entrance will make Woodlake more attractive to owner-occupants than in the past”. 

A Woodlake 'flat' with fireplace.  The villas are flats or townhouses and many have lake views.
A Woodlake flat with fireplace.  Many Woodlake villas have a lake view

It is true that a Hilton Head gated community has benefits for its residents that non-gated communities do not have and that gated communities are perceived by the public to be more desirable  places to live.  For example, a second home owner who is not in residence for much of the year can know that their property is more secure in a gated community.  All residents should benefit when people who do not belong in the community cannot drive in anytime and cause a problem. 

Therefore, buyers seeking an economical primary residence, retirement residence, or second home as well as investors may want to consider a Woodlake Villa.  Prices start at about $79,000 today.  To compare Woodlake Villas to any others on Hilton Head Island, please call or email Richard Kadesch, the Hilton Head Gated Communities Specialist® today.

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